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Another idea!

Okay so I thought up a slash crossover if that is okay with anyone? It would be a Gargoyles / Harry Potter Crossover.

Here are the specs for the crossover challenge:

Xantos’ son and wife are kidnapped by an unknown group of men dressed in black. After much searching Owen learns that the masked men were Death Eaters. The Gargoyles go with Xanatos to England to find the D.E’s and rescue Fox and son (Alex). After getting the help of the London clan, they locate the hideout of the D.E’s and go to rescue Fox & son. While there they find a young boy (Harry) and rescue him as well. They take Harry back to Manhatten with them in order to make sure the boy is properly healed. Owen notices that the boy radiates a very strong magic, equal to his own if not stronger.

Somehow Harry is cursed to become a gargoyle at nightfall (much like a reverse of Demona's curse). Harry pends the summer learning all about being a gargoyle. Harry starts to see Hudson as a father figure and falls in love with Brooklyn.

If you decide to use this please let me know so that I can read your fic! you can contact me at: dreamwind83@yahoo.com
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