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Slashy Challenge

Okay so I have been thinking about challenges for fics to help get people going. I don't have much but here is what I do:

1. Evil genus (existing Gargoyle character or OC) creates a pathogen that is supposed to work like a plague only on gargoyles. However something goes wrong and instead of killing the gargoyles it causes them to go into an uncontrollable heat.

2. While on their trip around the world (after leaving Avalon) Golith, Elisa and Angela meet another clan of Gargoyles that have ran out of female gargoyles over two-hundred years ago. They fixed that problem by using magic to create hermaphrodite gargoyles. Intrigued by the knowledge of there being other clan's the hermaphrodite clan sends one or more of them back to Manhatten with Golith.

3. What Elisa and the other humans don't know is that gargoyles have an incredible sense of smell. So when Matt gets drugged with an aphrodisiac, while on the job, his sent sends the gargoyles into a sexual frenzy. Will poor Matt survive a night trapped with some randy gargoyle(s)?

What do you think? Godd? Bad?
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