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As always, x-posted to a lot of Gargoyles comms; sorry if I'm spamming your flist. :\

-First of all, I absolutely think that Amp will be Lex's "special friend." There is definitely something there between them, and even if they don't end up mates, I think they'll explore it. I mean, they're standing next to each other in every panel, they look at each other like hungry dogs look at a nice steak, and then there's the uproarious laughter when Lex asks if they're mates.... (And, for those that would argue it's too early to meet Lex's future mate/love interest—by the end of Clan-Building, Greg Weisman will have included most of the other stuff he's leaked to the fans over the years, presumably so that if the comic were cancelled with #12, we would at least see canonized most of what we already knew would happen. Why would the Lex's mate stuff be any different?)

-On that note, I think that Amp and maybe Coco are going to join the Manhattan Clan next ish, or at least become semi-regulars in the ongoing series. This IS Clan-Building, after all, and if the London Clan is overpopulated as it is, they could use some population relief!

-Brooklyn, you are such a putz. There must be TONS of eligible females in London...and you decided not to go. Silly boy.

-And on a more global note, I have a feeling that it'll be the London Clan repopulating a lot of the world's depleted clans. Manhattan could use a boost, for sure, and the Mayans could use a few extra hands: 4 adults up against 25 hatchlings is a formidable task, when they're also supposed to be saving the rain forest in their spare time. And Ishimura might enjoy new blood and cultural exchange. And then the London Clan could get some beasts back. (And I bet there's a story there too as to why they no longer have any. Poor emo Griff when he says that.)

-MacBeth shows his sense of humor! It's great. I think he'll become a semi-regular on PENDRAGON as well.

-I wonder if Thailog's catching Shari in dueling stories with Moses vs. Scota implies that maybe all is not as it seems with regards to the story she told in #6. Speaking of Shari, I'm liking her more and more as a character (as telyn_timber says, "I love Thailog being all, *Ha! I caught you lying you ho!" and she's all, "Weren't you listening? The story's been told...,") there's some serious UST with her and Thailog, we got more hints as to her real identity (hint: immortality), and I love that there are echoes of both Goliath/Elisa with them as well as Xanatos and Owen, re: losing on purpose. Sometimes Thailog really is Daddy's son. And I appreciate, on several levels, that they play chess all the time—that's actually a Fox/David reference, too, come to think of it.

(Wonder what Goliath and Elisa are up to off-screen during this ish....)

-Amp, Coco, and Lassie are nice references to the original series pitch.

-Merlin is apparently a closet 1850s cowboy.

-How awesome is Griff and Coco's banter? And Amp has a great last line. He's kind of adorable in his own right; kinda like Lex, so brightly earnest and cutely nerdy. And Coco is the plucky, sassy female this series has been lacking. I really hope they stay for a while.

-Hedgecock keeps improving, it's great to see. I think his "still" panels are maybe a little below last issue's, but his fight panels are excellent, better than anything else we've seen in the comic. Bevard continues to do a five-star coloring job, and I LOVE this cover; it's a great shot and Molina did a fantastic job coloring it. Looks like a trading card lithograph or something. I really like how Hedgecock is continually stylizing the gargs to his own versions of them. It took a little getting used to, but now I think it's great. (It also helps that Hudson and Lex are arguably his strongest characters.)

Final rating: 4.5 stars out of 5, and only because this is the middle issue of a trio and therefore a lot is setup for the third installment (and there's a little too much obvious backdoor piloting for PENDRAGON). I have to admit, I thought issues #1-6 were decent, but #7 and now #8 have really blown them out of the water and raised the bar. I absolutely can't wait for #9...and after that we get the granddaddy of them all, the TimeDance. CAN'T. WAIT.
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