viridis_delecto (viridis_delecto) wrote in gargslash,

Hey, another Lex slash fan here....

I thought I'd stop by and say hi... I'm thinking of doing a Lex/original character slash fic.... I'll let you guys know when I've got the plot bunnies trained to do their tricks.
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Welcome to the comm!
If you write fic, I'll draw you art, and then we'll all be happy, ne?
Bless you, FINALLY. I've been looking for almost a decade, to find a good slash artist to compliment my urges to write fic. I've actually wanted to make my own comic books, I just... can't draw for spit. I suppose, everyone has their limits, hm?

Me on the other hand, I'm GREAT at writing. Matter of fact, I've been catching up on the fics in The Gargoyles Saga? And although (at this time) I haven't read all the way to the end of the situation with the Unseelie Court, I took the time today to envision what I might have an original character do if he was in love with Lexington and Madoc happened to be dumb enough to try and kill Lex in the presence of the guy who's been poking around in my imagination lately. In other words, I spent the majority of the afternoon translating a spell I whipped up in my head this morning into Latin, that would.... well, be quite effective had I thought of this back when those stories were being written. I only regret I never offered to contribute anything, back in the day.

Actually, it was written in such a way that Angela could have cast it, herself... see, as I've been reading this series thus far (I'm halfway through second season now), it seems Oberon isn't going to lift a finger, so... it strikes me that the only one powerful enough to destroy Madoc... is Madoc himself. Here's the spell I wrote today, in Latin:

Exaudio illis sono, exaudio illis poema.
Retardo tractus, retardo tractus!
Malum flamma iussu bellator,
Noceo haud mei parentela ac mei gens
Declino ex mei carus iun
Factus tu nunc vestrum dominus fatum
Sino vestrum poena competo vestrum malum
Reverto ad accelerare, tractus ac tractus!

Basically, it's supposed to slow down time around the caster, so that the caster can buy enough stolen moments in order to instruct Madoc's own fatal geas against the caster's beloved to instead bounce back at Madoc while still in mid-air, and then return time to normal to watch the fireworks commence. In part, the spell reads, "Let your punishment fit your crime." After what I've read happened to Lex at the hands of Madoc already... the bloody maniac DESERVES it, IMO.

And now, having shared that... I'm off to continue reading... I wanna see how the actual battle was written out! *snickers*
I know what you mean about wanting to do comics, though I'm not sure myself if I'm *quite* that good yet, but getting better every day! I'm only decent-ish at writing, which is why I've never gotten a comic off the ground, though.

Fics in the Gargoyles Saga? I'm afraid to seem like a bad fanperson to say that I'm mostly familiar with the show (I recently re-watched all the eps), and I've never been familiar with much of the fan-produced fiction. Just the Monthly Gargoyles (Fanart) Contest.

I'm going to need a brief rundown of who Madoc is, or a pointer to where I can find the fics to read. I'll not turn that down, either.

Haha! I really ought to get around to posting some of my Lexington fanarts...

LOTTA reading there.... not just in Gargoyles, but also Dark Ages, Pendragon, and TimeDancer. I used to read it a few years back, stopped reading it I don't remember why.... and now I'm picking back up on reading it again. Anyway.... have you ever done any Lex porn, yet?
I'll get started with reading that just as soon as the semester ends in about oh...half a month? For now I'll be saving that link to my bookmarks, however. (Why school, why?! Why must you take up all my fangeekery time?!)

Have I? Well, I've done doodles, but because I'm reluctant to put him with canon characters due to them all having signifigant others (or in the case of Brooklyn, a *planned* signifigant other) that make them all hetero, I've not done a really nice pic. I have a psuedo-original character (basically a body without much backstory to him, yet) that I could put him with, but I just don't know. I don't have that much confidence in my OC building skills, and I have a passionate hatred for Mary-Sue/Gary-Stus.

I could try doing one if you gave me a desciption of your Lexington Lover. He and my guy could double-team him!
*Is only halfway joking*

I was referring to like, solo. part of me WANTS to see under that loincloth... *snickers*
...Huh, I made a doodles to a series I would title 'sexy lex', but I never got around to drawing them because I was on a bus at the time...maybe I should do that? I know there was at least ONE I really wanted to do...
*goes in search of those doodle pages*
Incidentally.... I made a post yesterday that was to an older subject.... I'd love to hear what people think of it. here's the link:

Let us know when you write it, k?