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Why not?

Every other fandom has one.

The Gargoyles Slash Community
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Welcome to The Gargoyles Slash Community.

This is the place for the very few, very unnoticed Gargoyles Slashers to come together and do stuff.

Have fic? Post it!

Have art? Post it!

Have a rant? Post it!

Wanna flame us? Don't!

This is a happy place. Let's all enjoy it responsibly. Just a few, easy to follow, basic rules.

1. When submitting a fic, include the following header:

Warnings: (bestiality? chan-slash? violence? angst? death!fic? torture? original characters? List those here.)
Disclaimer: (e.g., Gargoyles belongs to Disney and many others. I don't own them, don't make any money off of this, it's all for fun, please don't sue me, Mr. Mouse.)
A/N: (optional)

Then, put your fic behind a cut tag! If you're not sure how to do this, check out this FAQ.

2. When posting art, always put it behind a cut tag as well. Include a rating, so that people know what they're looking at. There's nothing worse than accidentaly opening up a bit of erotic fanart while you're at work. Trust me on this.

3. All fics and art posted must be your own! If you find a great fic or a great piece of art, link us to the location. Don't be a bandwidth stealer or distribute other people's work without permission. It just ain't nice.

4. All ratings and genres accepted, so long as the primary pairing is slash! Femslash is also more than welcome.

5. Be nice! Have fun! No flames!

See? Easy. So, if you're a Gargoyles Slasher and proud of it, join on up. Hopefully, there will soon be more members than just me.

Maintained by mouse42.