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Hey everyone, I bring sorta random fanart!

It's not particularly slashy, but it's Lexington and I slash him copiously with original characters (because I couldn't break up Broadway and Angela, and Brook has his mate all planned out, dammit). I'm working up to being able to draw him with his crazy squirrel wings, so I'm sorry if things look odd because they aren't there. They also didn't scan completely, but I tried again and they came out the same way...
ANYWAY: Two pics based on this month's theme for the Monthly gargoyles Contest, steampunk/cyberpunk.
Rating: very very G. Possibly PG if you can tell that he's holding steam-tech guns.
WARNING: these were probably never re-sized, so I wouldn't zoom to 'actual size' if you have a slow computer.

That's all,
Thanks guys.
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