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Review of Gargoyles: Clan Building, Volume One

For this review, I'm not going to bother reviewing each issue in the trade, as they've all been available for at least a few months. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on reviewing the trade as a whole.

-The first thing that caught my attention about the trade is the size. It's much smaller than the normal comic size, maybe three-quarters. Initially I was a little put off, but I've been thinking about it, and I think I actually like this new smaller size. It's much, much more portable; much easier to slip inside a backpack or a carry-on than a full-size TPB would be.

-The colors! Everyone acknowledged that issue #2 (and, to a lesser degree, #1) had problems with the colors; specifically, that they printed way too dark. Well, I'm happy to see that SLG went back and lightened up #1 and #2. It definitely makes a difference, especially during the fight scene in #2. It does wash some panels out, but overall I think it was a good move. And I don't think the reduced size impacted the pencils one way or the other, really.

-I'm glad that each issue is preceded by its cover. Just a personal thing, but I hate when TPBs don't include the individual issue covers (or put them all at the end).

-Wendy Pini's intro is pretty cool, and of course it's nice to see all the minor errors corrected.

-It's fun to have every issue in front of you like really gives you a sense of just how different the artwork of every artist who's worked on the book is. (And I think you can also see Hedgecock improving, although he really takes off in #7.) And boy, what a difference a colorist can make, huh?

-The new artwork is nice, but I wish it wasn't so blown up and pixellated. I've seen the larger versions of the pictures that were chosen, and I kinda wish the larger versions had been used. But oh well.

-Speaking of new artwork, the Goliath on the back cover amuses me. He doesn't have the normal bulk of Goliath, so I have fun imagining him as awkward!gawky!teenage!Goliath. Hah.

Overall, a solid investment; I think it's worth getting for the corrections/lightened colors/convenience/just to have, even if you already own all six issues.

What'd you guys think?

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