fire_come_out (fire_come_out) wrote in gargslash,

Hi new guy!

Hi errbody, just took some time out to introduce myself.  You can read, so you know my online name.  I get a kick outta Lex, and my original character, Brian.  Now I may or may not write about them, but hell, Ill take time out of game modding and general building of a portfolio to give you guys some 3d art if you want. ^.=.^  Just dont expect too much outta my traditional art...its not that good.  I dont know why gargoyle slash isnt bigger than it is....but that makes it cozier, you can get to know everyone involved more easily.  It also cements my childhood memories to relive and rehash them later...and since I love slash, slashing them too.  I create my own little worlds to get ideas for stuff to draw and model (when doing scenes).  Dont mind me, im just a bit weird.  I luv it when people are open and honest, and this site promotes that as well as sharing what you see, and your visions you havent yet realized.  Just looking around, everyone posting art and poems and stuff is really talented.  If your humble as well, then your what Id call my friend. :3 .  Btw, just smack me if I break some kinda rule if there are any you have new, whaddaya expect?  New to LiveJournal that is.  And gargslash too, I guess.  Purple ftw!
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