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A little poem for today!

Since this journal's gotten a bit more lively in the last few days, I thought of posting something new AGAIN. Today it's just a little poem.

This poem is inspired by this pic.

It not really that slashy, but better than nothing I guess. Beta-reading is always welcome, since English is not my mothertounge.

Even to death

Lightning in the dark
Silence torn by breaking metal,
Explosions, combat shouting
The air I breath
Is filled with death.
But I know
You are the saving shadow
Behind me.

We are soldiers.
We are fighters.
Lost in the rage of battle.

Reflexions of bloodlust
In your eyes
A silent scream of anger
Which takes away any unsureness
Inside of me.

There is no fear
Not in you, not in me,
Because we are friends, brothers.

We’ll fight
Side by side
Even to death.

So - what do you think? Is it any good?
And tomorrow, I'll gonna post more icons and some "special" pictures. Hope to see you again then!

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