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...yes well...

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post~
Well, did two more... Man I miss drawing Brooklyn after years of forgetting about gargoyles, and I'm so very in love with Lex's designing. Not to mention I adore coloring them in traditional media. >> These aren't very sexual, but I like them any way ^_^

Pairing: Brooklyn/Lexington
Warning: None, just cuteness

The colors got really saturated upon coloring this's not quite so bright in person... Drawing their faces is my favorite thing ever...


Lex's wings. Omg so fun to color. He's a little flying squirrel I swear...

I kinda wanna write a fanfic for these two..there would be just so much drama and denial and angst. Yah, Lex is gay, but Brooklyn is still so straight XD I am completely sure he would still shag Lex if he could be convinced that he can still like girls and if Lex acted cute enough XDD;; I like defending this pairing, it gets fun :D
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